Call for Submissions: Be Featured in Issue Two

In January 2016, we released the first issue of the first literary magazine hosted inside the Tor anonymity network. We knew this project would cater to a niche audience. In fact, that was precisely the point: to create an artistic outlet for the growing communities of people interested in topics such as cryptography and anonymity, and to help these technologies realize their positive potential.

Nonetheless, we were taken aback by the breadth of its success. Major media outlets including Motherboard, Lit Hub, Deutschland Radio, and the Atlantic ran pieces on The Torist’s inaugural issue. William Gibson, author of Neuromancer, even retweeted an article about us—a cyberpunk’s dream come true.

Buoyed by the surprise popularity of The Torist Issue 1, we’re excited to release this call for fiction, poetry, non-fiction and visual art for our second issue.
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The Torist Issue 1 Goes Live

Click the image to go through to the PDF

Click the image to go through to the PDF

We’re excited to announce that our first issue is now online and ready for reading! In this issue, you will find:

Editors’ Note


The Breakfast Room, by Peter Conlin
Chapter Nine of The United States of Air, by J.M. Porup
Shadowbook, by Miriam Rasch


Two Poems, by Alissa Quart
Snowfall, by Vance Osterhout


Disruptive anti-fraud artivism – Digital art exposing Internet scammers, by KairUs (Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle)
Misusing the Master’s Tools: Exploring the Capacity to Break from Prescriptive Use, by Nathanael Bassett

The issue is licensed CC BY-NC-SA, which means you’re free to make as many copies as you like for non-commercial purposes. So by all means, spread the issue around and send it to your friends.

Click the image to see the see the PDF. Happy reading!

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In Loving Memory of Galaxy Social Network

Many people who read this blog will likely be familiar with the highly popular Tor-based social network Galaxy, which disappeared suddenly and without explanation a few weeks ago. The site had well over thirty thousand members. While that may be miniscule compared to sites like Twitter, it’s impressive given its niche appeal.

Galaxy’s strengths were numerous. Firstly it was well moderated, aiming to be a safe and polite place. Posting or requesting anything like gore or child pornography (which I never saw there) would get a user banned within minutes, and commercial activity was also forbidden. Many excellent people gathered there and the discussion was often high-minded. At the time of its disappearance, more attention was being given to topics like the need for feminism within darknets and ways to deal with child exploitation websites within Tor.

Crucially for us, it was the place where the idea for the Torist was first discussed. In the first post here, we listed our social media presences. The two darknet-based sites mentioned, Galaxy and Jisko, are now both defunct. The only Tor-based social network that I’m aware of at the moment is Facebook – a bleak state of affairs.

Since then, many of us have migrated to Visibility.i2p. You can reach G.M.H. there, the founder of the Torist. In the meantime, there are discussions of recreating Galaxy and hopes that it may still return.

If the admin of Galaxy sees this post, please shoot us an email or comment or something!

Update: Lameth of Galaxy has created Galaxy 2, which you can find here. Many thanks to Lameth!

The Torist opens its doors

What began more than three months ago as a vague idea for a darknet-based publication has bit by bit come closer to being real. Now that the Torist has its very own onion site up and running, we decided it was time to expand into clearnet and darknet social networks to let the world know that we exist.

This, as it turns out, is a slow process. Tumblr, for instance, instantly terminated our account as we created it over Tor. However, once they reinstated it, all went smoothly. Twitter had no qualms with us creating an account anonymously, but logging in from Tor has caused us to be repeatedly banned. We wouldn’t touch Facebook from behind seven proxies—even the new hidden service.

Here is a list of The Torist’s online presences which will be updated should new ones appear: